Monarchs and Migrants Weekend August 30-31/2014

The migration season is now underway at Presqu’ile and the 30th annual Monarchs and Migrants Weekend at the park celebrates this natural spectacle.  Come and join us on the Labour Day Weekend to witness a spectacular scene repeated for millennia by migrating bird and Monarch populations. The birds and butterflies are stopping at the Park to refuel on their long journeys to the south. Their destination? Mexico to the tip of South America, and points between. On Saturday and Sunday, Presqu’ile will offer Bird Banding demos, Monarch Tagging and informative guided walks and children’s programs.

Photo S Careless

Expert butterfly tagger, Don Davis, will be available, has he has been for all 30 years of this event, to help you understand migration theories and provide hands on experiences in tagging and releasing Monarch Butterflies Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 3pm at the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.  Park Naturalist David Bree says "Last year was a disastrous season for Monarchs, with populations at an all-time low.  This year it looks like populations have recovered somewhat and Don should have lots of Monarchs to tag.” 

A bird banding demo, weather dependent, will occur at Owen Pt. Parking Lot between 8am and noon both days.  No telling what will show up there but this is your chance to get up close and personal with some of our feathered friends.  There will also be guided walks looking for birds and butterflies on both days. Bird walks along the beach on Saturday at 4pm and on Sunday at 10am and again at 4pm.  A Butterfly walk will go at 12pm on Sunday and a children’s program at 10am on Saturday about Monarchs rounds out the program.  All events are free but regular park admission fees apply. 

 "The miracle of migration is one of the great nature wonders of the world” says Park Naturalist David Bree, "and Presqu’ile is one of the great places in the world to experience some part of that miracle.  I hope people take advantage of what the park offers this weekend and throughout the year to enjoy and learn about our natural world”.   

For more information, call David at 613- 475-4324 x 225 or email