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New Advance Daily Vehicle Permit Pilot Project

Effective June 12th, Ontario Parks introduced the new Advance Daily Vehicle Permit pilot project in 17 Provincial Parks. Presqu’ile was one of those seventeen.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to click on one of the links below to learn more about the daily vehicle pass.

By applying for a daily vehicle permit you have guaranteed access and avoid long line-ups at Presqu’ile even on the busiest summer weekends. You can also take advantage of this permit process if you plan to go to Sandbanks or North Beach. I would hope our members and volunteer see this as a positive step.  For walkers and bikers there continues to be no charge and no reservations required.

If you arrive at the Park without the permit and are not admitted, please do not vent your anger and frustration out on the Gate staff. These are young people working for the summer and should not be verbally berated for following the rules.  Complaints should be addressed to Ontario Parks at or via their website:  

For those of you who have annual passes and would like a refund you have until June 30th to make application, you’ll find more details under FAQs (Frequently asked questions).

Have a safe and healthy summer!