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Presqu'ile Bird Report 8-21 Oct 2021

HIGHLIGHTS: Red-shouldered Hawk, Carolina Wren


OVERVIEW: My apologies for being late with this report.  The past two weeks have seen lots of birds passing through, although there were no massive flight days or unexpected rarities.  Most of the warblers have passed, although a respectable twelve species were still lingering within the period.  Shorebirds have been limited with most birds being reported from Sebastopol Is. (the rock north of Gull Is.).   Waterfowl continue to build in numbers and the winter ducks should be arriving anytime.




Long-tailed Duck: The female seen last week was seen again on 10 Oct. 


Ruffed Grouse: Two were noted on 17 Oct., one of which was drumming. 


Great Egret: A few are still hanging on with a high of four on 13 Oct.


Red-shouldered Hawk:  Although some numbers pass by headed west during migration just north of the Park, they are rarely seen in the Park so an immature on Gull Is. on 12 Oct was a nice find.


American Coot: One on 10 Oct was the first of fall, peaking at 11 on 21 Oct. 


Black-bellied Plover: Present throughout, mostly on Sebastopol with a high of 23 on 9 Oct.


American Golden Plover: Two on 10 Oct was the only report.


Semipalmated Plover:  The period started with up to seven on 9 Oct, dwindling to four on 12 Oct and two on 14 Oct.


Greater Yellowlegs: One on 14 Oct was the only report.


Lesser Yellowlegs: One on 9 Oct was the only report.


Ruddy Turnstone: Two were noted on 9 Oct followed by a single on 10 Oct. 


Pectoral Sandpiper: One on 9 Oct was the only report.


Sanderling: Present throughout, mostly on Sebastopol, with a high of 53 on 19 Oct.


Dunlin: Present throughout in small numbers.


Great Black-backed Gull:  A few are around most days with a high of seven on 9 Oct.


Northern Saw-whet Owl: A bird was discovered sitting in a shrub right beside a front door on a Bayshore Rd. residence on 17 Oct.


Peregrine Falcon: One was seen on 9 Oct and another on 23 Oct. 


Blue-headed Vireo: The last (?) migrants of fall were two on 10 Oct, one on 12 Oct, and one on 17 Oct. 


Common Raven: A group of seven together on 9 Oct was unusual. 


Horned Lark: The only report was of a single on Gull Is. on 10 Oct. 


House Wren: Late birds were two on 12 Oct and one on 16 Oct. 


Carolina Wren: A bird made a brief visit to a yard on Bayshore on 15 Oct. 


Marsh Wren: One was seen on 15 Oct. 


Swainson’s Thrush: Late birds were two seen on 10 Oct and a single on 12 Oct. 


Eastern Bluebird: One was in the Group Camp on 14 Oct.


Black-and-white Warbler: A late bird was reported on 12 Oct. 


Tennessee Warbler: One was seen on 10 Oct. 


Orange-crowned Warbler: One was reported on 14 Oct. 


Nashville Warbler: A bird was noted on 9 Oct.


Cape May Warbler: A bright bird was seen on 12 Oct. 


Northern Parula:  Singles were seen on 9 Oct and 10 Oct. 


Magnolia Warbler: A late bird was reported on 12 Oct. 


Palm Warbler: One on 9 Oct was the only report.


Black-throated Blue Warbler: Singles wee seen on 10 Oct and 12 Oct. 


Yellow-rumped Warbler: Present throughout but in diminishing numbers as the period progressed.


Black-throated Green Warbler: One was seen on 10 Oct. 


Common Yellowthroat: One was seen on 9 Oct.


Rusty Blackbird: Four were seen on 9 Oct and peaked at 9 on 12 Oct. 


Pine Siskin: A single – the first in months- was noted on 10 Oct. 


House Sparrow: A single was seen along Bayshore Rd on 14 Oct.


Please Note: Presqu’ile Provincial Park permits waterfowl hunting from Saturday 25 September until Saturday 18 Dec on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Access to the marsh (other than the Marsh Boardwalk Trail), Calf Pasture Point, Gull Island and High Bluff Island is closed to all park users except registered hunters on those days.  Once blinds are placed on Owen Pt. on 15 November, the whole of the Point to the High Bluff Campground will also be closed.


Directions: Presqu’ile Provincial Park is located south of Brighton on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  It is well signed from either Hwy. 401 or Cty. Rd. 2.