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Presqu'ile Bird Report 12-18 Nov 2021

HIGHLIGHTS: Cattle Egret, Razorbill

 OVERVIEW: The big news this week was the discovery of Razorbills - a new Park bird on 13 Nov. Otherwise coverage has been poor for the past few weeks so the report is thin. 


 White-winged Scoter: Present through the week with a high count of 37 off the Lighthouse on 16 Nov.

 Double-crested Cormorant: A few persist, mostly near the Salt Pt. lighthouse.

 Cattle Egret: Although not in the Park, an adult stopped briefly at the Brighton Sewage Lagoon (no access inside but birds are visible from gate area) on 12 Nov.

 Turkey Vulture: Two seen roosting on High Bluff Is. on 16 Nov.

 American Coot: A single was noted on 17 Nov.

 Black-bellied Plover: Birds were present through the week peaking with 11 on 13 Nov.

 Sanderling: Birds were present through the week peaking at 17 on 13 Nov.

 Dunlin: Small numbers were seen throughout with a peak of only 5 on 13 Nov.

 Razorbill: An intrepid Pickering birder braved the strong winds and surf at the Beach on 13 Nov and was rewarded by finding a new bird for Presqu’ile – two Razorbills!  An hour later a single bird was seen flying near Gull Is.  Whether this was a third bird or one of the two seen earlier is unknown.  With so many Razorbill reported from southern Ontario this fall it is perhaps not surprising that we would finally get our first record but it is a thrilling bird none-the-less! They may still be in the area as there is almost no birder coverage of the park sadly.

 Northern Flicker: Singles were reported on 13 and 16 Nov.

Merlin: One was seen on 13 Nov.

 Northern Shrike: One seen on 13 Nov was the first of fall.

 Snow Bunting: Present through the week with a high of 30 on 16 Nov.

 Please Note: Presqu’ile Provincial Park permits waterfowl hunting from Saturday 25 September until Saturday 18 Dec on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Access to the marsh (other than the Marsh Boardwalk Trail), Calf Pasture Point, Gull Island and High Bluff Island is closed to all park users except registered hunters on those days.  Once blinds are placed on Owen Pt. on 15 November, the whole of the Point to the High Bluff Campground will also be closed.

 Directions: Presqu’ile Provincial Park is located south of Brighton on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  It is well signed from either Hwy. 401 or Cty. Rd. 2.