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Presqu'ile Bird Report for 10-16 Jan 2020  HIGHLIGHTS: COMMON LOON, PURPLE SANDPIPER, DUNLIN, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER The annual Mid-winter Waterfowl Survey was conducted all along the shoreline of Lake Ontario on 12 Jan and provided some clear numbers, but coverage was otherwise sporadic this week. Earlier I mentioned how low waterfowl numbers seem to be this winter and the survey revealed just how low.  For Presqu’ile Bay and the waters surrounding Presqu’ile Park the total numbers were: MUTE SWAN 7 (commonly 600+), REDHEAD 24, GREATER SCAUP 216, LESSER SCAUP 1 (unusual here in winter), WHITE-WINGED SCOTER
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for 3-9 Jan 2020 HIGHLIGHTS: RUDDY DUCK, PURPLE SANDPIPER, DUNLIN, WINTER WREN, BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD    Things have mostly settled into a pattern with the exception of waterfowl, whose numbers fluctuate almost continuously.  Land birds seem especially thin on the ground.  That said there were some nice finds here and there. The expected overwintering waterfowl seem to be present in lower numbers than usual, and are almost absent from large areas where they are normally numerous, especially the stretch from Salt Pt. to the Lighthouse and Popham Bay. Two boats were observed
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