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Presqu’ile Bird Report for Week of 8-14 Jan 2021 OVERVIEW Coverage in the Park remains low, especially with the lock down.  The Lake Ontario Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey was conducted on 10 Jan with the Presqu’ile section covered by 7 birders surveying from the Wicklow Boat Launch in the west to the Barcovan channel in the east.  The large flock of Redhead and Greater Scaup continue to attract less common species within their flock. The crossing to Gull Is. is still quite easy being only 6” deep but be careful when crossing shallow water sections if ice has formed along the edges as it can be slippery. HIGHLIGHTS:
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for Week of 1-7 January 2021 OVERVIEW: Generally it is shaping up to be a fairly quiet winter with limited wild food sources but there are always surprises and this week it was a sudden influx of diving ducks, mostly Redhead.  Generally the number of wintering ducks is quite static but for some reason every now and then (often after warm spells) we get a huge influx of diving ducks.  Where they are coming from or going is a mystery (to me at least) as the movement occurs in what is usually thought of as a non-migration period. Winter finches continue to be reported but only American Goldfinch and Common Redpoll seem
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for Week of 25-31 Dec 2020 OVERVIEW: Between the lock-down and Christmas there was very little birding activity in the Park so once again, this report is brief.  Hopefully with the New Year at hand there will be more to report next week as birders start their “year lists”. HIGHLIGHTS: BONAPARTE’S GULL, HERMIT THRUSH HOODED MERGANSER – 1 was seen on 25 Dec. BALD EAGLE – with the ice covering part of Presqu’ile Bay this species has begun to frequent the area with near daily sightings of up to 5 birds. BONAPARTE’S GULL – A first-winter bird was seen on 25 Dec and 29 Dec near Salt
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Presqu’ile Christmas Bird Count Preliminary Results The Presqu’ile CBC was held on Sunday Dec. 20 under poor conditions – heavy overcast, wind, and light rain on and off through the day.  23 observers in 13-14 parties covered the 15-mile diameter circle. A total of 76 species and 13223 individuals were found. The species total is a little lower than the recent average, but pretty good considering the difficult conditions.  Two additional species were reported in the three days before and after the count.  No new species were discovered this year.  The inner part of Presqu’ile Bay, Weller’s Bay and ponds were mostly frozen but
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for Week of 11-17 Dec 2020 OVERVIEW: There was almost no coverage this week so the report is very skimpy.  We should have a much better picture after Dec 20 when the Presqu’ile Christmas Count happens. The bitter cold has frozen the marsh completely. HIGHLIGHTS: WINTER WREN RUFFED GROUSE – Unusual was a group of 5 walking together on 14 Dec. WINTER WREN – 1 was near the Lighthouse on 11 Dec. AMERICAN ROBIN – a flock of 23 on 12 Dec was the largest number. CEDAR WAXWING – 8 were seen on 12 Dec; this species has been unusually scarce. WHITE-THROATED SPARROW – Up to 4 were visiting
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for Week of 4-10 Dec 2020 OVERVIEW: It was a quiet week with limited coverage so the report is a bit on the slim side.  For the first time since March no shorebirds were reported, and a mid-week freeze may have forced out some lingering waterbirds from the marsh.   HIGHLIGHTS: PIED-BILLED GREBE, GREAT EGRET, SANDHILL CRANE, EVENING GROSBEAK TUNDRA SWAN – 11 on 7 Dec was a large number this late in the season. WHITE-WINGED SCOTER – present through the week with a high count of 40 on 10 Dec. BLACK SCOTER – 10 on 6 Dec off Gull Is. was the only report. HOODED MERGANSER – 2 on 6
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