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2020 Common Tern Research Update 2020 Common Tern Research Update Jennifer Arnold and Steve Oswald, from Penn State University, have been undertaking research on Presqu'ile’s Common Tern population since 2008, with financial assistance from the Friends of Presqu'ile Park. Although they are not yet able to travel to Canada this year, Jennifer and Steve have set in motion a plan to keep the Common Tern research and management going, so they can protect the terns and continue their long-term database. They have been working with Don Tyerman, Presqu'ile Provincial Park’s Biodiversity Specialist, and his crew, who have set up and are
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What You Can Do to Stop Oak Wilt What You Can Do to Stop Oak Wilt By Paul Hetzler It’s hard to be cheerful in a job where I am expected to keep up on each newly arrived or imminent threat from invasive insects, novel plant diseases, and worrisome trends in the environment. Although I typically deflate everyone’s happy-bubble when I give a talk, I’ve discovered we need not fret that the sky is going to fall. Down in the States, the National Atmospheric Deposition Program is a joint effort of research institutions, government, and nonprofit groups. They monitor stuff which falls to Earth that is not some
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