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Kids ‘N Nature Goes Virtual In any given year, the Friends of Presqu’ile Park’s Kids N’ Nature School Outreach Program would welcome large groups of students of all ages into Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the last year, however, these in-person visits have become much less feasible. As an alternative, the Friends began a project unlike any other they had ever tackled. This summer, after hiring a Program Coordinator as they had in the past, the friends introduced the role of Videographer to the Kids N’ Nature program to begin a new project: Kids N’ Nature Goes
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2021 Park Update The Park has seen another very busy year with lots of new visitors looking to come out and explore Presqu’ile. The new pilot program for daily vehicle reservations is working well and has prevented most of the large line-ups that we saw last summer. This system has also reduced the overcrowding and over-use the park saw last summer, allowing the park to “rest”, as it were. The day use reservation program continues through the 2021 season. Ontario Parks continues to monitor visitor feedback as well as how visitors are using advance permits. While the summer may be drawing to a close,
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2021 Fundraising Initiatives Many of our readers will be familiar with the various fund-raising activities undertaken by the volunteers of the Friends of Presqu’ile Park: Barbecues Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show and Tea Room The Lighthouse Gift Shop Raffles Special Weekend events - History Weekend, Monarch and Migrants Weekend, Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend and Waterfowl Weekend Donations – General Fund and 25th Anniversary Fund Over the years these activities have garnered several thousands of dollars in fund-raising revenues.  Income that has enabled the Friends to undertake
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Bev Cook - 2021 Volunteer of the Year The John Cole Award is presented annually to our Volunteer of the Year. It is named in honour of our first Board Chair. The selection of the Volunteer of the Year is a difficult task for the Board of Directors as there are so many deserving candidates who have been a shining example of the values of our organization over a period of many years.  This year’s recipient is Beverlie Cook, who is well known for her dedication and commitment to the Friends. She is a familiar face at various Friends and Park events and is admired and respected by other volunteers and Park Staff alike. Bev
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Common Terns are Back! The common terns have once again returned to Presqu’ile to nest for the 2021 season. The terns first tried to establish nests on High Bluff Island, but predators were a problem.  The terns then moved to Gull Island. Gull Island was their former home, this seems to be their preference for now; so, the Park Staff built and monitored a new protective grid for the terns at their new location. Nests were successfully established under the protection of the grids.  It appears that a significant number of terns were successfully hatched and have now fledged. Early in the month there were
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2021 Student Bursary Winners The Friends of Presqu’ile Park are pleased to announce the winners of our 2021 Student Bursaries. This program was launched to recognize the efforts of the fine young people who work as summer student employees in Presqu’ile Park.   We are so very proud of our winners. J. Beverlie Cook Career Bursary This $1,000 bursary is open to student employees who are following a course of study at the post-secondary level that might lead to a career in the Parks system. The award was re-named in 2021 in honour of Bev Cook, a longtime volunteer, and former Board Chair. Congratulations to
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2020 Raffle Winners Due to Covid-19, the draw for our 2020 raffle was delayed. The draw for the 2020 raffle was held Saturday August 28, 2021 at 11:00am behind the Amphitheatre. The prize winners for the 2020 raffle draw are as follows:   EARLY DRAW  Rosemary Cole, Oshawa:  Bushnell Scope/Tripod  Henny VanVliet, Brighton:  Bushnell Binoculars/Binocular Harness   MAIN DRAW  Abigail Miller, Brighton:  1st prize - 3 nights stay in Clarke-Denson Cottage – Fall 2022  Lorraine Stratton, Brighton:  2nd prize – 2 nights’ stay in Exploration Tent at Presqu’ile – Fall
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New Advance Daily Vehicle Permit Pilot Project Effective June 12th, Ontario Parks introduced the new Advance Daily Vehicle Permit pilot project in 17 Provincial Parks. Presqu’ile was one of those seventeen.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to click on one of the links below to learn more about the daily vehicle pass. Ontario Parks has a blog post that can be viewed here: https://www.ontarioparks.com/parksblog/advance-daily-vehicle-permits/ Additionally, on the Ontario Parks website there’s an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, here: http://www.ontarioparks.com/dayuse/faq By applying for a
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