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The Common Tern Study Video For the past eight years, Jennifer Arnold and Stephen Oswald, professors from Penn State University, have been studying the Common Tern population on Gull Island, in Presqu'ile Provincial Park. This study attempts to determine why the population is dwindling and what measures need to be taken to enhance population numbers.  They have produced a video for the Friends of Presqu'ile explaining what successful measures they have taken leading to an increase in the population.  The Friends have provided financial support for this project.  If you would like to view their video please click
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Volunteer Opportunities past, present and future The Friends is a volunteer run organization.  Volunteers plan the programs, manage them and implement them – a big job. That takes about 10,000 hours each and every year. It is my pleasure to highlight some of the fine accomplishments of our volunteer teams. The Barbecue team put in over 700 hours preparing and selling hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages to hungry campers – 1,850 lunches to be exact!  This raised over $5,000 to support our programs and is important publicity for the Friends.  This is in addition to all the raffle tickets sold at this weekly event. Christmas @
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Kids ‘n Nature Summer Camp and School Outreach Program An intriguing thing happens in Brighton early weekday mornings for 4 weeks in summer:  a bunch of enthusiastic kids can be found waiting in a parking lot, itching to get on a school bus!!  Outside King Edward Park arena, happy parents and grandparents roll into the parking lot and drop off the lucky lot of youngsters.  The children come bounding across the lot to meet Caroline, Skylar and Vivienne, their camp leaders, and are met with a personal greeting.  They are immediately incorporated into game with their peers to get their minds and bodies ready to explore the wonders of
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The Year of High Water The camping season of 2017 will certainly be one of the more memorable ones for staff and visitors alike.   As is always the case Lake Ontario started going up in early spring, but instead of slowing at its normal height it just kept coming and coming.  We started being concerned in mid-April when the beach was damp everywhere and the newly returned male Piping Plover was finding it hard to find a dry spot to start his breeding displays.  By May most of the beach was under water and by May 10th it was gone, and still the water kept rising!   The Piping Plover was not the only one disappointed
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Natural Heritage Education Program in 2017 NHE was not immune to the high water year but we were not as effected as most.  Our spring is mostly preparation time and rebuilding the Nature Centre, so that went on as normal.    When summer started we had to adapt a few of our usual programs. Without the Marsh Boardwalk the Marsh Discovery program was moved to Calf Pasture parking lot, which had become a great minnow spawning ground.   Our Shipwreck and Pirates Children’s Program, usually at Calf Pasture, went to the Campfire Field.  The high water was also featured in a walk that showcased the dynamic nature of our park and how it
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Christmas @ Presqu'ile 2017  For all your unique and delightful Christmas gifts this year, visit the region’s own ‘Santa’s Workshop’— the Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts & Craft Show! Opening November 4, 2017 and again on November 5, 8, 11 and 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., this show is a must attend! This is the place to find unique and wonderful Christmas gifts…. You have so much to choose from and all in one place! Make your choices from the many and varied pottery offerings, jewelry, Christmas crafts, paintings, knitted goods, baby gifts, baked goods, maple syrup
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