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Common Tern Conservation COMMON TERN CONSERVATION        by Jennifer Arnold We are thankful for your continued support of our work with the Park on common tern (Sterna hirundo) conservation. This has helped us develop and refine management approaches for this species that have greatly improved reproductive success and helped to retain common terns as a breeding species at Presqu’ile. Here, we provide a brief summary of our work at Presqu’ile in 2018. Summary of management approaches since 2014 Since 2014, development and use of fenced exclosures with overhead wires (coined “predator exclusion
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The Common Tern Study Video For the past eight years, Jennifer Arnold and Stephen Oswald, professors from Penn State University, have been studying the Common Tern population on Gull Island, in Presqu'ile Provincial Park. This study attempts to determine why the population is dwindling and what measures need to be taken to enhance population numbers.  They have produced a video for the Friends of Presqu'ile explaining what successful measures they have taken leading to an increase in the population.  The Friends have provided financial support for this project.  If you would like to view their video please
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