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Raise the Boardwalk campaign at 86% of Fundraising Goal   Eighteen days into our Raise the Boardwalk fundraising campaign, the Friends of Presqu'ile Park have already raised $12, 928 of our $15,000 goal! The goal of the campaign is to raise money to purchase materials to repair the damage caused by flooding in 2017 and 2019 and raising the low lying parts of the boardwalk up to a foot to prevent further damage in the future.  Experience volunteers will hopefully be able to start working on the boardwalk this summer, once water levels go down. The campaign is part of The Great Canadian Giving Challenge, run by CanadaHelps.ca from
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New Facebook Page for the Friends of Presqu'ile May 19, 2020 Today the Friends of Presqu'ile launched our own Facebook page.  You can find it by clicking here:  @FriendsofPresquile.  We are excited to be able to connect with our supporters and gain new supporters through social media.  Upcoming events and volunteer accomplishments will be shared, as well as links to our website's weekly Birding Report and NewsRoom. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on Friends activities.  See you online!        
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Cancelled: 44th Annual Waterfowl Weekend 2020 March 14 Update: We regret to announce that Waterfowl Weekend has been cancelled by Ontario Parks. We want to be sure to protect the health and safety of our Presqu’ile Park visitors during this COVID-19 outbreak.  The Park remains open and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our returning waterfowl and other birds at the various public viewing areas.  Visitors looking for more information about birds and bird migration at Presqu'ile can find many resources on our website:  https://www.friendsofpresquile.on.ca/fauna-birds.php Other ideas to help children connect
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The Year of High Water - Again! In 2017, Lake Ontario’s water level rose to the highest it had ever been in the 100 years of record keeping, topping out at 75.81m above sea level. It was a once in a hundred-year flood. This year, 2019, Lake Ontario again rose well above normal. In fact, it topped out at 75.92m, a full 11cm above the old record! There have been some similarities with 2017, but also some differences. By May 1st, 2019, the lake was at 75.41cm (40cm above the long-term average) and the Marsh Boardwalk was closed between the towers. By May 8th the lake was high but not as high as in 2017 and we were hopeful.
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Park improvements and repair When walking, cycling, or driving through Presqu’ile, you may notice one or more of the park improvement projects taken on by Friends of Presqu’ile volunteers this past summer. According to Larry Paradis, director, Operations, Friends of Presqu’ile, the largest project was a tear down and rebuild of the ampitheatre stage which is used for evening programs and children’s events. The old stage, which was rotting, was removed. Fortunately the underlying base was still in good shape and could be used for the new base. For a finishing touch, some of the older benches were replaced.
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Friends of Presqu’ile Student Bursary Program – 2019 Winners   The Friends of Presqu’ile Park sponsors an annual bursary program to recognize the efforts of the fine young people who work as summer student employees in Presqu’ile Park. Without the hard work of these students, the park would not be able to operate in the summer. We received many examples of extraordinary dedication and stellar customer service from the nominations. Here are our 2019 winners. Career Bursary The Friends invited student employees to apply for our $1,000 Career Bursary if they were following a course of study at the post-secondary level that might lead to a
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Perseverance pay off: A good "tern" of events Perseverance pays off:  A good “tern” of events By Jennifer Arnold and Steve Oswald For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know the story. For those of you who are new here, suffice to say it’s a tough life for Common Terns in this part of the world and Presqu’ile is no exception. Year after year Common Terns get off to a good start on their small nest scrapings at Gull Island, Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Then, as the summer progresses, their eggs and chicks slowly disappear as they cope with storms, predators, overgrown vegetation, and a whole long
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Kids 'N Nature Fall 2019   We are delighted to report that Fall 2019 has been another successful year for the Kids N’ Nature program. As in the past teachers of students ranging from kindergarten to grade 7 had the option of requesting either an In-Class visit, an In-Park visit, or both. In total this Fall 313 students participated in In-class interactive lessons and activities. The programs focused on the elements of biodiversity however were occasionally customized at the request of the teachers. This fall due to the Kids ‘N Nature Interpreter speaking French certain French Schools were even able to
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Discovery Progarm 2019   The year 2019 was one of transition for the education department at Presqu’ile. As you may have noted from the title, we have officially changed our name from the Natural Heritage Education (NHE) Department to the ‘Discovery Department’ across Ontario Parks. This rebranding is thought to make us more accessible and appealing to visitors to want to come and discover the park with us. This name change also came with some templates to use for our weekly schedule and special event posters. These provide a consistent look for advertising programs across the province. While there was
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