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Memorial Tree Planting Memorial Tree Planting By Pam Perrault   Saturday, 17th October was a first for The Friends of Presqu’ile Park and for Presqu’ile Provincial Park: It was the inaugural Memorial Tree Planting day, and it was truly lovely. In a year when the pandemic changed the pattern of our lives, interrupted The Friends of Presqu’ile Park's typical activities, and crimped our fundraising efforts, the success of this day was both rewarding and inspirational. Ten families planted trees in memory of a beloved family member, my own family included. I’d no idea what to expect and to
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Board of Directors 2020 The Friends finally held their 2020 AGM in September, once COVID restrictions were eased.  One important activity at the AGM is to elect a new Board of Directors.  Two long serving directors retired this year.  Both David Crouch, former Treasurer and Bev Cook, former Chair, reached the end of their second terms. Director Larry Paradis will continue to lead our Operational initiatives.  Linda Alkenbrack will stay on as Treasurer.  Donal Gray will continue as the head of our Technology initiatives.  Doreen Cable will add the role of Vice Chair to her duties as Finance Chair.  You can
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Joyce and Don Boucher win Rotary Award Joyce and Don Boucher have received the Paul Harris Fellowship from the Rotary Foundation in recognition of their decades of commitment to The Friends of Presqu’ile Park and the Lighthouse Preservation Society. A Paul Harris Fellowship is granted for extraordinary service to the community. It is one of the highest honours that Rotary can bestow upon a person in recognition of their outstanding contributions, exemplifying the highest ideal in Rotary in placing “Service above Self” Thank you, Don, and Joyce for your efforts to make this world a better place.
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Park Update – 2020 Park staff started the year wondering if high water levels would again impact the operation of the park. Little did we realize that 2020 would be about a worldwide pandemic that made flooding seem trivial in comparison. The pandemic caused cancellation of all March Break events throughout the organization on March 13th, including our 44th annual Waterfowl Weekend. This was followed by all parks closing on March 19th, and all staff being told to work from home on March 23rd. From March 19th until April 17th, one staff member was going into the park 3 times a week for a couple of hours
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Marsh Boardwalk Update The floods of the Spring of 2019 caused extensive damage to the Marsh Boardwalk rendering it unsafe for visitors and so it was closed for repairs. Work began on the repair project in early fall once water levels had decreased. COVID restrictions meant that only a small crew could work on the project at any one time. Team Leader, John Warner, had high praise for his dedicated team of volunteers.  They have worked almost 300 hours to date. The main areas of damage, over 1,110 feet, had to be raised from 10 to18 inches; followed by the insertion of new support beams to stabilize the area.
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John Warner Named Volunteer of the Year     John Warner, head of the Park Improvements team has been named the 2020 Volunteer of the Year by the Friends of Presqu’ile Park. John began his volunteer work with the Friends finishing the original Marsh Boardwalk build back in 2010. Since that time, he has had a hand in designing and building multiple foot bridges, walkways, viewing platforms and even picnic tables—all in an effort to improve the Park for its visitors. John and his wife, Joan, first moved to Brighton in 1972. John had a long career with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and then Agriculture Canada
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Christmas @ Presqu’ile 2020 is cancelled. Christmas at Presqu’ile 2020 is cancelled.  We know that is disappointing news for vendors, artists, volunteers, and shoppers. This is our signature event that has been running for 27 years.  It is our biggest fundraiser, for which we spend most of the year preparing.  This was not a decision we made lightly. Back in June our Board of Directors agreed to cancel, out of respect for our vendors, who would be spending personal time preparing goods over the summer, and out of respect for the health of the public and our volunteers. Yes, we thought of creative ways to keep portions
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Collaboration ensures a future for Presqu’ile’s Terns Over 50 years ago, Presqu’ile’s beaches rang to the raucous call of breeding Common Terns: over 10,000 of them. Regionally, tern populations plummeted in the 1970’s.  Chief among them was Presqu’ile’s colony, dropping to below 200 breeding birds, where it remained for 40 years. Then, further downturns put this colony at risk of permanent abandonment and the loss of one of nature’s unique voices. Fast forward to 2020 and a strong collaboration between institutions and individuals has secured the start of a recovery for the Common Tern at Presqu’ile. Although, not common yet
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