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Jobes' Woods Trail Refurbishment

The Jobes' Woods Trail Refurbishment Program

The Friends' volunteer construction team have reached a milestone with the Jobes' Woods Trail refurbishment. Having started just before Christmas, they hauled out the last hundred feet of old boardwalk on Monday March 18.

Once the thaw sets in, the volunteers, most of whom worked on The Marsh Boardwalk will be replacing the old rotting boardwalks with new ones, constructed with Trex. We used Trex when we rebuilt the Marsh Boardwalk. It is a wood-alternative product that is made from recycled and reclaimed plastic and waste wood that would otherwise end up in land-fill. It is extremely weather-resistant and will never rot, crack or splinter.

New volunteers are always welcome, as are contributions to the $80,000 cost of materials.

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