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Winter Soup Hike

A Careless

It was to be a Soup Hike like no other! When, over the last 10 years, have we walked out in a February with snowdrops blooming and grass greening?  When, might shorts rather than snow boots, be required? SoupHike 2012 promised to be a challenge as we traditionally talk of discovering ice formations on the shore and "life in the dead of winter?.


A Careless


Mother Nature did not disappoint: all morning there was a blizzard that covered all greenness and laced every tree bough. True PQP winter!  And we discovered Chickadees that would feed out of your hand, perch on your head, and a grouse that was prepared to be friendly ?for food?!

J Brubacher

Birch twigs that smelled like wintergreen gum [samples provided] and deer droppings that looked close to Glossette raisins ? samples provided [of the latter!]. Thirty people trekked our lovely Day Use area and retired to the LIC for an exotic choice of soups [handmade by the Superintendent and his wife] and an animated PowerPoint presentation, by leader Phil Careless, on Presqu?ile in its Winters and soon-to-be Spring.


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