Remembering Speedy 1804 - 2004

Last Flight of the Speedy - Artist Peter Rindlisbacher

"Last Fight of the Speedy" by Peter Rindlisbacher

It could be argued that October 8, 1804 was the most significant day in the history of the Northumberland area. The events of this day dramatically changed the planned settlement patterns in the newly developing colony in Upper Canada. That night the H.M.S. Speedy, traveling from York (Toronto) to the proposed district town of Newcastle for a trial, sank off Presqu'ile Point. The twenty passengers on the ship, including several of Upper Canada's most influential officials were lost and plans for the settlement in the area were then scrapped. If not for the sinking of the H.M.S. Speedy, the local area would have become developed and have no resemblance to what we have today
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