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*Check back in February 2019 for information about our 2019 programs*

What is Kids 'n Nature Camp?

Kids’ n Nature camp is a one of a kind outdoor camp offered by the Friends’ of Presqu’ile. For five days, campers visit the park daily arriving in a school bus from Brighton to explore different centres and habitats and engage in various outdoor activities, including three beach afternoons. Four camps are offered during the months of July and August, each with different themes. All camps are centered on park-specific habitats and history and apply play-based learning to engage kids with nature. For theme descriptions and dates, see below.  Cost is $130 per week per camper.  Spaces are limited.

Comments from parents about our 2017 camps:

“Truly amazing camp. The kids where kept busy all day. They brought new information they learned home every day. The camp was very organized. They can’t wait for next summer!!”

 “Nice use of guest speakers, variety of activities, a lot of attention given to the students, obvious preparation, highly motivated group leader.”

“All people involved in the camp are amazing. My girls felt comfortable the whole week. My girls had nothing but great things to say.”

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Families interested in financial assistance to pay for camp fees are encouraged to contact us or apply for a subsidy from The Children Foundation's Camps of Hope

Camps for 8 to 11 Year Olds

In 2018, we offered 4 five-day Nature and Outdoor Adventure Camps, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Cost of the camp was $130 per child per week.  These camps were for children who are 8 to 11 years old in this calendar year (children must be turning 8 by December 31, 2018)

July 16 to 20:  Presqu’ile Jones and the Missing Treasures 

Have you ever wondered what Presqu’ile was like before it became a Park? Travel back in time with us to meet Presqu’ile’s very own pirate, alleged rum runners, and settlers; learn about the sinking of the Speedy and uncover clues leading to our missing treasures.

July 30-August 2: Wildlife Zootopia

Did you know that there are five distinctive habitats in Presqu’ile and each has different ecology, plants and animals? Very few animals can live in all five habitats and some animals are able to do some extraordinary things to help them survive. Join us this week to look for animals in the park, and to find out which animals cooperate or compete with each other.

Aug 13-17: Adventures Back in Time

Every good story must start somewhere, and ours started 450 million years ago during the Ordovician period. Older than the dinosaurs, our park offers much loved fossils, and many interesting tales surrounding our lake. Campers will get the opportunity to explore the many historical events that took place at Presqu’ile and participate in activities such as pirate training, a rum running course and the running of the Presqu’ile hotel.

Aug 20-24: Mission:  Migration

Fall will soon be upon us, and while some animals stay, others start travelling to warmer climates to over winter. Have you ever wondered how migratory animals know where to go and how to get there? Campers will get the chance to uncover the techniques and secrets behind animal migration.

Camps for 12 to 14 Year Olds

New for 2018:  LINC -  Leadership in Nature Camp for 12 to 14 year olds (must be turning 12 by December 31, 2018):

July 9-13:  Biodiversity Bonanza

Are you too old for our day camps, but still want enjoy the outdoors with your peers?  Do you want to learn more about nature conservation, and increase your leadership skills?  Join us to discover why biodiversity is important and how its preservation affects humans, while practicing teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills. This is a perfect introduction to being a volunteer at one of our other camps.

Cost is $130 per week per camper per week. 

Volunteers Wanted!

Are you a high school student and want to volunteer at our camps for younger kids?  We are looking for responsible youth who want to share their leadership skills and enthusiasm for nature. Volunteers will be given a letter to confirm hours.  This activity has been approved by ENSS for community volunteers hours.

For more information, and answers to questions, please contact us at kidsn.nature@friendsofpresquile.on.ca .

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