The Marsh Boardwalk Fund

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The Marsh Boardwalk Fund

The fund is officially closed. 

We have raised over $360,000 to fund the replacement of the Marsh Boardwalk, covering the cost of all materials, interpretive signage, educational materials and interpretation.  This is a remarkable achievement.  All Boardwalk Fund donors are listed in the Donor Book, located at the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and on the Donor Panel which has been installed in the kiosk at the Boardwalk parking lot. 

How we recognize Donors

Individual and corporate sponsors were recognized for their contributions to rebuilding the Presqu'ile Marsh Boardwalk in a number of ways.

The Honour Roll
Contributors of $10 to $249 will receive recognition for their donations by placement of the donor and/or company name in our 'Restoring the Marsh Experience Honour Roll'  binders which are displayed in the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.
BLUE LEVEL $10 to $74
GREEN LEVEL $75 to $149
GOLD LEVEL $150 to $249

The Donor Recognition Panel

In addition to an entry in the binders as above, contributors of $10 and more receive recognition on our 'Restoring the Marsh Experience Donor Panel'.  

SUPPORTER $250 to $499
SUSTAINER $500 to $749
ASSOCIATE $750 to $1499
PATRON $1500 to $4999
BENEFACTOR $5000 to $9999
ENDOWER $10,000 and over

Special Features Recognition

Special features profiled on the improved Presqu'ile Marsh Boardwalk include purpose-built 'Teaching Pods', special 'Bridging Structures' to traverse open water sections, and specifically designed viewing Towers.  Contributors to these features will receive recognition for their contributions to 'Restoring the Marsh Experience'  through recognition, identifying the individual or sponsoring group on the Donor Panel at Endower level.
TEACHING PODS $25,000 all funded
BRIDGES $15,000 to $30,000 one funded (according to size and location)
TOWERS $40,000 all funded