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The links on this page are those which show aspects of Presqu'ile Park.  The Friends will review each link for suitability, however, it has no responsibility for content.

The Great Butterfly Hunt, the Nature of things about the Monarch Butterfly   

How to help a Snapping Turtle across the road 

Educational video about Blandings Turtles 

Dr Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch. The Challenges Ahead Aug 2013 74mins

Interview with David Bree – Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend: Dec 2013

Bird Banding by Elizabeth Kellogg 2013 

A collage of photographs by Mark Kennedy 2013,  

The 2nd Quimby Hess Lecture by Chip Taylor covering the latest situation with Monarch Butterflies 58 mins October 2012
Aerial views of park: 2013

Brighton Public School teachers bring Monarchs to the class room 

Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Walk on the Marsh Boardwalk Winter and spring on the Marsh Boardwalk set to music

Rebuilding the Marsh Boardwalk set to music posted February 12,11 4:53mins

Fungi of Ontario including Presquile (set to music) posted December 31/10 8:57 min:

10,000 Monarch Butterflies Roost at Presquile posted Sept. 9/2010 56 seconds:

Presquile Lighthouse posted July 13/10 58 seconds:

Presquile Provincial Park A Special Place (set to music) posted June 25/10 7:18 min:

Seasons of Presquile Park (set to music) posted March 13, 2010 4:15 min:

Trapper Girl Visits The Presquile Park Marsh Boardwalk (with music and commentary) posted January 25/10 8:34 min:

Other YOUTUBE videos:

Fungus Part III Presquile Park:

Fungus Part II -

Fungus Park I -