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2019-20 Board of Directors


2019 – 20 Board of Directors

By Beverlie Cook

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of The Friends of Presqu’ile Park. This is a big job, as we have no permanent staff to help with the many duties that come with running what amounts to a small business with many products and services.

At our recent AGM, we said farewell and thanks to three retiring directors, Tim Lawley, Phil McRae and Doug Zinnicker. I am pleased to report that all three will continue to volunteer with us in various capacities – a testament to their devotion to the Friends and the Park.

Four directors will continue for another year. David Crouch and I are entering the final year of our six-year terms. I was appointed to return as your Board Chair. David has relinquished his Treasurer duties and will take on special projects as Vice Chair. Larry Paradis and Donal Gray are in the second year of their terms and will continue in their roles.

We have been very fortunate to attract two new directors who bring strong backgrounds in planning, finance and business management – all skills we need to run a successful organization. Please join me in welcoming Linda Alkenbrack our new Treasurer and Doreen Cable, who will fill a double role as Corporate Secretary and Finance Chair.  Currently the Communications Committee Chair and Chair of the Environmental Initiatives Committee are vacant.

Click on the names of the directors listed below to read their very impressive biographies. 

          Linda Alkenbrack, Treasurer

          Doreen Cable, Corporate Secretary, Chair, Finance

          Beverlie (Bev) Cook, Chair

          David Crouch, Vice Chair

Donal Gray, Director, Technology

Larry Paradis, Chair, Operations Committee