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The Friends of Presqu'ile Park
Fall migration is well underway
Presqu'ile is a four season Park
Find unique fall wildflowers in the panne habitat along the main road.

Click here for General Park Information and Map to Presqu'ile

The Friends of Presqu’ile Park

The Friends of Presqu'ile Park is a non-profit, volunteer organization supporting vital renewal, research, ecology, community engagement and education programs in Presqu’ile Park -- one of Ontario’s natural treasures.

The Friends fundraising efforts also support Presqu’ile Park services, staffing, and interpretive programs. 

According to Ontario Parks, the Friends have contributed over $5 million in funds and volunteer hours since 1988.


What we do

Education & Engagement

Special Weekends

 Friends volunteers help organize and manage special event weekends in the Park, including Waterfowl WeekendWarblers and Whimbrels Weekend, History Weekend and the Monarchs and Migrants Weekend.

Displays and viewing stations
The Friends have helped with the structural and display requirements for educational or interpretive activities including viewing stations, the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre, the Nature Centre and the many interpretive panels throughout the Park.
Discovery Staff
The Friends fund summer student interpreters and provide volunteer interpreters to support the Discovery programs in the Park. 
Educational materials
The Friends have funded and helped produce trail guides, children's activity books, flora and fauna checklists, butterfly books, the deer book and the Bird Identi-Wheel.

Outreach Programs

The Friends help pay for the staff to provide the curriculum-based Kids 'n Nature School Group Program, attended by over 1000 students each year, and the Presqu'ile to You outreach program, which facilitates park tours, speakers and volunteering opportunities.



Invasive Species Removal Projects

Phragmites control
Phragmites are one of Canada’s most aggressive, invasive plants, posing a serious threat to biodiversity and species at risk. The Friends are supporting habitat protection and restoration programs to help protect Presqu’ile’s delicate ecosystem. Find out more about phragmites here [https://www.opwg.ca]
Buckthorn removal
The Buckhorn is an invasive tree that is taking over the area from the naturally occurring trees and shrubs.  Each year Park staff and Friends volunteers remove large numbers of these plants.

 Tree Planting

One of the few Ontario Parks with a nursery producing over 3,000 seedlings annually, Presqu’ile Park plants over  a number of trees from these seedlings each year, supported by Friends volunteers.


The Friends have supported a number of vital environmental research projects in Presqu’ile Park.

Learn about the ongoing Common Tern Study here.



Renewal Programs

Marsh Boardwalk
The Friends funded the rebuilding of the Marsh Boardwalk, investing over $320,000 [in supplies in material and construction costs. As well as giving approximately 10,000 volunteer hours in its construction.
Jobe’s Woods Trail
The Friends funded the Jobes' Woods Trail refurbishment, removing the old boardwalk and constructing the new one. This project represented an investment of over $90,000 
[details] and approximately 5,000 volunteer hours.
Trail improvements along with other new and renewal projects
Each year Friends volunteers help the park by constructing or renewing the many boardwalks on the walking trails. In times of need, such as the flooding in the spring of 2017, Friends volunteers constructed new picnic tables to replace the many tables destroyed in the flooding.
Trail monitoring
Friends volunteers regularly monitor Presqu’ile Park’s extensive trail system, reporting on and 
solving any safety issues.

How we do it

The Friends raise funds to support all these vital programs through fundraising efforts throughout 
the year, including:

Join us!

Help us protect, improve and enjoy Presqu’ile Park!


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