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25th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, June 8, at the Park's Amphitheatre, Friends, friends of Friends, members of the three levels of Government, and Park employees celebrated the 25th Anniversary of The Friends of Presqu'ile Park.

In 1988, John Cole and the original Board had a vision that "the Friends will help further the achievement of the Park's goals by allowing volunteers from the local community to actively assist Park staff with educational activities, publicity, and the production of high quality Park related publications”.

In July of that year, The Friends of Presqu'ile's Chairman, John Cole, and Regional Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources, John Oatway, signed a five-year agreement to ensure the improvement of Presqu'ile's educational programs and services.

Over the past 25 years, The Friends have not wavered far from that path. Members of that original board have remained in touch with the organisation and the Park, and a number of them were in attendance.

During the period from 1988, Park Management estimate that The Friends have generated over $5 million of worth in capital assets and volunteer hours spent in supporting the Park.

To celebrate the Anniversary, The Friends have launched The 25th Anniversary Environmental Fund which will provide dependable long-term support for environmental programs at Presqu'ile Provincial Park such as invasive plant control, habitat protection and regeneration, and wildlife and ecology research. The target for this fund is $250,000 and they have already raised $35,000.

Photo Robert Collins

Rob Milligan, MPP, Kayli Voskamp, who is the youngest member of this year's Park Staff, Rick Norlock, MP, two original board members, Liz Chatten and Glenn Spence, and Brighton Mayor, Mark Walas, planted six trees. In line with the objectives of the fund, these are Maple trees grown from Presqu'ile Park seed and brought on in the Park's own nursery.