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Aw Shucks, I didn't win the Langford

Aw Shucks, I didn't win the Langford

Well, that is probably the polite reply from many when they now find out they have not won the Langford Prospector Canoe raffle. Mine wasn't that polite. During the course of this summer I have longingly looked at it, and imagined an early morning paddle, in Algonquin, with the mist rising.

The good news is that our winner will be doing just that, or should I say the winner's wife because she is adamant that it is hers. Note her hand. 

Kevin and Beverley James of Peterborough have been enthusiastic canoeists and canoe campers for over 40 years and know the Kawarthas like the backs of their hands.

I knew they were excited about the win when I telephoned them on Sunday night to give them the news and could hear Beverley in the background. I didn't really appreciate how excited until we delivered the canoe and Kevin just couldn't wait to get it off the car and onto his pond to try it out. He was smiling so much I thought his face would crack.

This Langford, the Cadillac of the canoe world, joins their current well-worn fleet and Kevin was singing the praises of how light it was, how well it tracked, and its manoeuvrability as he singled his pond at speed.

Kevin and Beverley are the parents of four adult sons, all whom have been brought up canoeing and camping. They now have enough canoes for the whole family to take off together. Sorry boys, but you will be using "Done Working? and "Rubbermaid?, two of the existing fleet.

I can't imagine the Langford going to a better home - even the three young granddaughters have experienced canoeing since the age of two. So not only the canoe, but also all of the additional camping equipment in the prize will be well used.

What should have been a quick trip to drop off the prize turned into a very pleasant day with a few hours around the kitchen table getting to know one another.

Now I actually don't feel too bad about not winning.

Pete Alker