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Ice Volcanoes in The Park

Lots of visitors turned out over the weekend to view the ice volcanoes that have formed this winter along the Lake Ontario shoreline in the Park.

The easiest place to view them at Presqu'ile is along Lighthouse Lane at the picnic area. If you visit, it is recommended that you do not pull off the roadway as everything is covered is glare ice.

While we normally see smaller formations, the extended cold and decent onshore wind means that this year the ice volcanoes are very impressive, with the ice stretching well offshore.

The mounds are built up by waves crashing at the edge of the ice, or sometimes driving under the ice and then breaking through a crack to the air above. The lake bottom shoals up gradually, so that encourages the ice formation.

The mounds range from small hummocks to house-sized formations, with spray being thrown high into the air and quickly freezing.

While looking inviting for exploration it is not recommended, the ice thickness can vary especially on the cones which are hollow.

The freezing rain squalls experienced means that surfaces are extremely slippery under a thin coating of snow, care must be taken.