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Kids 'N Nature Fall 2019


We are delighted to report that Fall 2019 has been another successful year for the Kids N’ Nature program. As in the past teachers of students ranging from kindergarten to grade 7 had the option of requesting either an In-Class visit, an In-Park visit, or both.

In total this Fall 313 students participated in In-class interactive lessons and activities. The programs focused on the elements of biodiversity however were occasionally customized at the request of the teachers. This fall due to the Kids ‘N Nature Interpreter speaking French certain French Schools were even able to customize their language of instruction! In-Class visits were also used as opportunities to discuss expectations for visiting Presqu'ile for those classes that had also booked In-Park visits.

We also had a total of 211 students participate in In-Park programs. This fall the majority of Teachers chose for their classes to study the Marsh Habitat. Due to the damage of the boardwalk caused by high water levels this spring and summer we were not able to walk the entirety of the Marsh Boardwalk. However, we were able to walk in through the end of the boardwalk to Audrey’s Teaching Place and due to the shortened walk had more time available for pond studies.

The Kids ‘N Nature program was very well received and garnered many compliments from participating classes and their teachers.

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and experience with us today!”     - Mrs. Kerby, Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School.

“Thanks for teaching us about animals, for keeping us safe, for teaching us about trees, for teaching us about habitats, for taking us on the marsh, thanks for a great field trip!” –Mrs. Siebenga’s Grade 2 Class, Trenton Christian School