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Last sign on the Boardwalk

Last sign in on Boardwalk

I put the last interpretive panel up on the boardwalk yesterday. #4b was being stubborn in not getting manufactured properly. While I know for some of you the whole boardwalk project is just a distant and chilly memory, my main boardwalk job has been carried out over the past year.

It took a little longer than hoped, but it is finished now and in this season of reflection I can't help but think back over the whole project. It was a magnificent undertaking. While the important resource is the marsh itself, the boardwalk provides the access to that resource for all ages and physical abilities.

The signs provide a little insight for those that want a bit more than just a stroll. Taken together I believe we have a world-class recreational and interpretive facility that should be in place for many years to come.

And though I have said it before; I, the park system, and the whole community owe a great big "Thank You" to all of you.

? there are people that donated money, those that raised money, those that nailed, carried boards, proof read, donated photos and those that provided moral support. All appreciated and all important.

This has been the biggest single project I've been involved in and I am quite proud of my small contribution, as I hope you are of yours.

Don't forget to keep getting out there; walk the boardwalk, enjoy nature and the outdoors (and you might even read a sign or two along your way).

Best wishes and a happy holiday to you all.

David Bree

Natural Heritage Education (NHE) Leader

Presqu'ile Provincial Park