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Many Happy Returns!

Have you heard? Presqu’ile is the ONLY location in inland North America where Common Terns are flourishing!

Sadly inland populations elsewhere are declining but Presqu’ile’s Common Tern population produced over 600 chicks in the last 2 years! That’s more fledglings than the previous 14 years of the study.

We are thrilled that our investment into tern research and conservation is making such a positive impact!

If you were at our AGM, you heard Common Tern researcher Dr. Jennifer Arnold speak briefly about the reasons for this success. She will be doing an in depth presentation at Presqu’ile on June 29 at 8:30pm at the Amphitheatre.

You can read more about this great news, as it is featured in the cover story in Ontario Nature’s quarterly magazine. Read about it on page 24:

Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Dr. Stephen Oswald from Penn State, Presqu’ile’s Biodiversity Specialist Don Tyerman, Presqu’ile’s biodiversity team and the volunteers that have been involved in the Common Tern project at Presqu’ile.

Thank you to all those who support the Friends of Presqu’ile, allowing us to sponsor this conservation program.

We are hopeful that 2024 will be another banner year as there are already over 200 Common Tern nests on Gull Island.

Want to make a tangible difference in the survival of a species in decline? Consider donating to our Environmental Fund:

Want to read more about Common Tern research at Presqu’ile? There is a collection of articles and videos on our website: