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Marsh Boardwalk Update

The floods of the Spring of 2019 caused extensive damage to the Marsh Boardwalk rendering it unsafe for visitors and so it was closed for repairs.

Work began on the repair project in early fall once water levels had decreased. COVID restrictions meant that only a small crew could work on the project at any one time. Team Leader, John Warner, had high praise for his dedicated team of volunteers.  They have worked almost 300 hours to date.

The main areas of damage, over 1,110 feet, had to be raised from 10 to18 inches; followed by the insertion of new support beams to stabilize the area. Unfortunately, the team discovered more structural damage during this work. This will necessitate additional repairs to stabilize the Boardwalk.

The Marsh Boardwalk will remain closed to ensure everyone’s safety until the additional work can be completed by Park staff and volunteers. The generous support of our donors will enable us to proceed with these additional repairs.