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New Trail Signs have been installed

New Trail Signs have been installed

Presqu?ile?s new interpretive and trail guide signs are now out in the park. A set of 5 interpretive plaques, highlighting our forest rehabilitation work, have been placed throughout the park.

Most people may not know that the park has its own nursery. Years of forestry work have shown that seeds grow best if they come from plants in the same area they are to be grown in. Biodiversity staff at Presqu?ile have been collecting seeds from trees in the park and planting them in greenhouses for the winter.

After they start sprouting in the spring, they are transferred to a nursery by High Bluff campground where they are tended, by hand, for up to 6 years. They are then moved to those areas where we are encouraging the forest to come back. This is only one of the ways we are rehabilitating the park. The new signs outline some of the steps taken in this process and point out areas where work has been done.

Also note that the Newcastle and Pioneer Trails have had six ?you are here? directional signs added. These two trails have always been a little confusing as they incorporate the main road and campground roads in places in order to make a loop trail.

As a small added feature, each sign has a different inspirational quote about trails and nature. We invite you to find all seven signs and ?collect? those quotes. Bring them into the Nature Centre for a small prize.

Let us know if you think additional ?you are here? signs are needed and where. Also give us your own quote. We will use the best quotes we receive on any new signs. You may join the ranks of Aristotle, Shakespeare and Anne Lusk and be immortalized on Presqu?ile?s trails!