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Park improvements and repair

When walking, cycling, or driving through Presqu’ile, you may notice one or more of the park improvement projects taken on by Friends of Presqu’ile volunteers this past summer.

According to Larry Paradis, director, Operations, Friends of Presqu’ile, the largest project was a tear down and rebuild of the ampitheatre stage which is used for evening programs and children’s events. The old stage, which was rotting, was removed. Fortunately the underlying base was still in good shape and could be used for the new base. For a finishing touch, some of the older benches were replaced. All-in-all, eight volunteers gave about 150 hours to see this project through.

Another large project focused on a viewing platform near the lighthouse. There are actually three viewing platforms in the park. One platform was cleaned up and prepared for painting, while a second platform, which is somewhat more hidden, needed a lot more attention. Battered by the weather, that platform was taken apart and completely rebuilt with not only a new platform but also a walkway with handrails, and even new benches built by a volunteer. New handrails were also installed on the third viewing platform.

Other large projects tackled by Friends’ volunteers include: rebuilding walkways to the Beach I washrooms and repairing Jobes’ Woods Trail where trees had fallen and broken main beams supporting the wooden boardwalk

Both the park and Friends of Presqui’ile share in the cost of the projects, with Friends’ contributing between $5,000 - $6,000 this year.

Many thanks to the hard working volunteers – a team of about 20 – 25 volunteers – who volunteered their time for one or more projects.

As for next year? Look for refurbishment of the viewing platform immediately beside the lighthouse and potential repair of the Marsh Boardwalk that has been severely impacted by flooding in 2017 and 2019.