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Park Improvements Report

Volunteers from the Park Improvements team had a busy summer at Presqu’ile. Their first major project was to repair storm damage at the viewing platform behind the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre. This platform is very popular with birders in the park, and they are very happy to have access to it again.

Another major project was the installation of new signage for the Marsh Boardwalk. All the signs have been modernized with new information and QR Codes to allow visitors to seek out additional information. The new trailhead sign gives an excellent overhead view of the boardwalk. These signs were made possible by our successful fundraising campaign, Raise the Boardwalk.

Replacement and repair of picnic tables is a constant project for the volunteers. New picnic tables were made for the barbecue area. More tables will be built over the fall and winter months to replace lost or damaged tables.

Fall projects will also focus on trail repairs. The Friends’ Trail Monitors identify areas where some additional footbridges or gravel paths would improve the trails. These repairs will be done over the next couple of months.