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The past week has seen a steady flow of migrants with15 species of shorebirdsand 21 species of warblers reported in the park. There has also been 8 species of flycatchers reported as well. Passerines peaked on August 31 with lots of warblers being seen in various places in the park.

A lone WILD TURKEY continues to be spotted roaming the park mostly in the vicinity of the calf pasture.

PIED-BILLED GREBES are still being seen dailyin good numbers in Presqu'ile Bay and a pair of GREEN HERONS are still being spotted with patience near the oldboat launch at the calf pasture as late as Sept 1

A TURKEY VULTURE was seen soaring over the calf pasture on August 27. OSPREY are being seen daily in various places in the park and NORTHERN HARRIERS were reported on the 27th and 29th once over the residential area and once flying out to Gull Island.A BROAD-WINGED HAWK was soaring over 83 Bayshore on August 27th and over the lighthouse on the 29th. MERLINS, SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS and COOPER'S HAWKS have all been reported in the past week.

There have been good numbers of shorebirds the past week with WHIMBREL last seen on August 30 and a WESTERN SANDPIPER appearing on August 31st and last reported on September 1st. For those birders particularly looking for the Western Sandpiper keep in mind that there is lots of good shorebird habitat on Gull and High Bluff islands and could very well still be in the area. It will be posted if it returns.Three plovers are daily visitors tothe point, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, 20+ SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS and KILLDEER. SPOTTEDSANDPIPERS are being spotted daily. A GREATER YELLOWLEGS flying past on August 31st and two LESSER YELLOWLEGS September 1st were reported.A single RED KNOT was foraging at the tip of Owen Point on September 2nd and up to twenty SANDERLINGS are present as well. Good numbers of peeps continue to fatten up on the buildingalgae flats at Owen Point with SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER, LEAST SANDPIPER,BAIRD'S SANDPIPER being seen daily and three WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS appearing on August 29th. PECTORAL SANDPIPERS are being seen amongst the flocks as late as September 2nd.

Four species of gull and two species of terns were reported the past week. BONAPARTE'S GULL, RING-BILLED GULL, HERRING GULL, GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, CASPIAN TERN and COMMON TERN have all been spotted from Owen Point this past week. A high count of three COMMON TERNS were seen by a rather attentive nurse fly by the lighthouse as well as up to 12 BONAPARTE'S GULL in the late afternoon most days.

A BARRED OWL was heard hooting behind 83 Bayshore in the early evening of September 1st and five species of woodpecker RED-BELLIED, NORTHERN FLICKER, DOWNY, HAIRY and PILEATED were also spotted from this location of September 1st.

The eight species of flycatcher reported the past week were OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER on September 1st, EASTERN WOOD PEWEE seen daily in the lighthouse area, a YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER also on September 1st at 83 Bayshore, LEAST FLYCATCHER seen daily in various locations, many TRAIL'S FLYCATCHERS being reported in various locations daily, EASTERN PHOEBE, GREAT-CRESTED FLYCATCHERS and EASTERN KINGBIRDS best seen from the roads viewing the calf pasture round out the list.

RED-EYED VIREOS and singing WARBLING VIREOS are being reported in various locations daily and a PHILADELPHIA VIREO was seen days in a row visiting a drip bath at 83 Bayshore. The birds must be feeling the heat as well with bird baths being used continuously through the day.

There were at least three CAROLINA WRENS in the park this past week, one bird was singing near Owen Point the other two were located at 83 Bayshore. BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS were still flitting about on August 30th and 31st. A WOOD THRUSH was calling from Newcastle Woods on August 28th.

Twenty one species of warblers visited the park this week TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE, NORTHERN PARULA, YELLOW, CHESTNUT-SIDED, CAPE MAY, many MAGNOLIA, YELLOW-RUMPED, BLACK-THROATED BLUE, BLACKBURNIAN,BLACK-THROATED GREEN, PALM, BLACKPOLL, BLACK-AND-WHITE, AMERICAN REDSTART some still singing, OVENBIRD, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, MOURNING, CANADA. many WILSON'S, and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. Most birds were seen from the lighthouse and Paxton but those headed to the beach can be treated to fallouts along the way starting from the park store parking lot all the way along the route to Owen Point.

Two SCARLET TANAGERS visited the shrub row at 83 bayshore on August 31 and a LINCOLN'S SPARROW was at the same location on September 1st.

Although many BALTIMORE ORIOLES can still be seen daily a late ORCHARD ORIOLE was reported from 186 Bayshore on August 27th.


For those planning to come to the great OFO trip at Presqu'ile on September 12th the daily park pass is $10.75 and correct change is needed if you don't want to get slowed up at the gate. There will NOT be an attendant present. This is a reduced rate starting September 7th after the long weekend.

Bill Gilmour