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Birding Report

There has been relatively little birder activity at Presqu'ile Provincial Park in the past week, and consequently relatively few unexpected birds have been reported.  That said, the richness of summer bird life in the Park provides plenty of scope for profitable birding.

 WOOD DUCKS, GADWALLS, and MALLARDS are the only dabbling ducks found in the past week, but a male COMMON MERGANSER among the CANADA GEESE in Popham Bay was unusual.  Both RUFFED GROUSE and WILD TURKEY were seen on June 11.  At least one of the PIED-BILLED GREBE pairs in the marsh has had four "grebelings” (not to be confused with ducklings).  GREAT EGRETS are a continuing feature of summer bird life at Presqu'ile.  Two COMMON GALLINULES were in the marsh on June 10.  The only migrant shorebirds this week were a RUDDY TURNSTONE on June 10 and five SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS and two DUNLINS on June 8.  Ever mindful of the possibility of vagrants even in June, birders recall the record of a SANDWICH TERN that arrived at Presqu'ile in mid-June some years ago and stayed for almost two weeks.  A June 4 sighting, along with photographs, of a newly hatched BARRED OWL sitting on a trail and its parent in the tree above has just come to light.

 One observer at 83 Bayshore Road found a BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO and two CHIMNEY SWIFTS on June 8.  A YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER on June 10 was a further indication that the species breeds at Presqu'ile.  There are apparently more PURPLE MARTINS than usual using the nest boxes at various locations on Bayshore Road.  A BLACKPOLL WARBLER on June 6 was the only migrant warbler in the past week.  On June 9 a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, the highlight of the week, sang in plain view throughout the morning.  Later in the day, a VESPER SPARROW was also there.  ORCHARD ORIOLES can usually be heard singing here and there, or seen visiting feeders.

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