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Birding Report Feb 12 2015

Feb 12/2015

This morning a group of several dozen GREATER SCAUP near the lighthouse was the largest this month.  An immature BALD EAGLE, seen there yesterday and today, dispersed that flock.   A RED-TAILED HAWK flew over this morning.  Three GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS huddled together on the ice on Saturday.  A BARRED OWL was photographed two days ago.

AMERICAN ROBINS were still in evidence yesterday.  A flock of SNOW BUNTINGS on the ice of Popham Bay yesterday, as well as two other flocks seen by this observer outside the Park yesterday and one today, suggests that a migration of that species may be under way.  Observers should check any such flocks for LAPLAND LONGSPURS.  The PINE WARBLER at the feeder near the camp office continues to delight birders.  Two WHITE-THROATED and one WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW are being well fed at 83 and 85 Bayshore Road.  A RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD has made some appearances at 40 Bayshore Road, and two COMMON GRACKLES keep showing up at 83/85 Bayshore Road.  Where they stay the rest of the time is a mystery.  COMMON REDPOLLS have been regular visitors to the feeders at 186 Bayshore Road and were accompanied this afternoon by a HOARY REDPOLL.


Fred Helleiner