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Birding Report Jan. 28

The mild weather of the past few days has had little noticeable effect on the land birds at Presqu'ile Provincial Park, but there have been a few changes among waterfowl that may be attributed to the warming trend.

Dabbling ducks generally disappear from Presqu'ile, at least from Presqu'ile Bay, during the winter, but a pair of MALLARDS arrived at Salt Point yesterday, a precursor to others, perhaps NORTHERN PINTAILS, that are often among the first to return.  A male CANVASBACK and two male RING-NECKED DUCKS have been seen regularly from the government dock, most recently this afternoon.  REDHEADS and GREATER SCAUP numbers are gradually building up.  Four WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS at Salt Point yesterday were the most seen anywhere in the Park this year.

The group of WILD TURKEYS that has been lurking around the calf pasture was seen again on Sunday.  BALD EAGLES, at least three different birds, have been perched on the ice of Presqu'ile Bay every day since Saturday.  A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK unsuccessfully gave chase today to the birds at the feeder beside the camp office.  The only uncommon gull seen this week was a GLAUCOUS GULL on the ice of Presqu'ile Bay.  A SNOWY OWL was also there on Monday.  A group of feathers found at the calf pasture yesterday was identified as coming from a deceased LONG-EARED OWL.  A COMMON RAVEN circled around the lighthouse on Sunday.  A few CEDAR WAXWINGS were at the calf pasture on Saturday.  Other songbirds have been concentrated around the various feeders and have not yet been joined by any new species.