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Birding Report August 4th

At Presqu'ile Provincial Park the weather has not been conducive to
action on the birding front.  Nevertheless, a few fall migrants continue
to trickle in, and there is a plethora of summer resident birds.

A swan with a black bill, possibly a TUNDRA SWAN, was near Sebastopol
Island on July 29.  Three AMERICAN WIGEONS, three BLUE-WINGED TEAL, and
three REDHEADS were among the ducks in Popham Bay.  Two juvenile WILD
TURKEYS were seen on July 29.   A BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO was seen and
another was heard.  August is the month when COMMON NIGHTHAWKS move
through Presqu'ile, though usually a bit later in the month than this. 
A fully grown juvenile VIRGINIA RAIL at the tip of Owen Point was
apparently lost.

The shorebird scene has not changed much in the past week, except for a
few more individuals.  At least one BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER is being seen
regularly.  Five SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS were present this morning.  The
three young PIPING PLOVERS are being seen on most mornings on the beach,
and at least one as far away as Gull Island.  There was an anonymous
report without any details of a RED KNOT.  A LESSER YELLOWLEGS was
present on July 29.  Two immature BONAPARTE'S GULLS were off Owen Point
this morning. Someone reported a BLACK TERN, again without any details. 
This species has been rare at Presqu'ile in the past two decades. Both
AMERICAN BITTERN and LEAST BITTERN have been seen recently.  With a
scope up to 11 GREAT EGRETS can usually be seen on High Bluff Island
from the beach.

PILEATED WOODPECKERS continue to be seen.  Three juvenile MERLINS were
in the calf pasture on July 29.  An ALDER FLYCATCHER was still calling
this week.  Only a few of the PURPLE MARTINS that nested near the
lighthouse are still present.  NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH is a summer resident
at Presqu'ile, but the one found late last week was the first in several

To reach Presqu'ile Provincial Park, follow the signs from Brighton.
Locations within the Park are shown on a map at the back of a tabloid
that is available at the Park gate. Access to the offshore islands is

at this time of year to prevent disturbance to the colonial nesting
birds there.

There is also a restricted area at beach 2 and beach 3, where the public
is being

directed away from the area frequented by young Piping Plovers.

Birders are encouraged to record their observations on the bird sightings
board provided near the campground office by The Friends of Presqu'ile Park
and to fill out a rare bird report for species not listed there.

Questions and comments about bird sightings at Presqu'ile may be

Fred Helleiner