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2021 Fundraising Initiatives

Many of our readers will be familiar with the various fund-raising activities undertaken by the volunteers of the Friends of Presqu’ile Park:

  • Barbecues
  • Christmas at Presqu’ile Arts and Crafts Show and Tea Room
  • The Lighthouse Gift Shop
  • Raffles
  • Special Weekend events - History Weekend, Monarch and Migrants Weekend, Warblers and Whimbrels Weekend and Waterfowl Weekend
  • Donations – General Fund and 25th Anniversary Fund

Over the years these activities have garnered several thousands of dollars in fund-raising revenues.  Income that has enabled the Friends to undertake projects/initiatives in support of Presqu’ile Provincial Park.

During 2020 many of the above-mentioned events had to be modified and/or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our premier fund-raising initiatives, The Lighthouse Gift Shop and Christmas at Presqu’ile, along with the summer barbecues were all cancelled.  Generous donations, along with the allocation from the Environmental Fund, enabled the Friends to undertake a very limited number of projects that met the COVID protocols during 2020.

Once again, in 2021 we find ourselves in a similar situation with a few exceptions. The Lighthouse Gift Shop was able to open in July and August this summer, however with many fewer days and hours. The COVID protocols regarding social distancing and number of patrons allowed in the facility was a challenge, but the volunteers and patrons were all very co-operative and we hope to have some revenues coming from this initiative this year. The Gift Shop is now closed for the season.


Christmas at Presqu’ile and The Tea Room activities have once again been cancelled. This is very disappointing, not only for the Friends of Presqu’ile Park, but also our very supportive vendor/artisan community that have been with us over the years. We do not have a facility that would enable us to accommodate the display and sales of the thousands of articles that we, and our patrons, expect of this annual event. The Nature Centre, that turns into a Christmas wonderland the first weeks in November, just could not meet the COVID protocol guidelines.


Much of the Raffle Draw revenues come from the Special Weekends offered by the Park. For 2021 all these special events have been cancelled, however, we have been able to hold our Saturday Summer Barbecues, which have been very well attended and supported.




It is at the barbecues with the diligent support of our Raffle Committee volunteers that allow for some encouraging raffle sales… but we still need your support.  Please buy a 2021 Raffle Draw ticket at our upcoming barbecues on September 11 and 18  in the Beach 2 parking lot.




A new fund-raising project found a group of volunteers proposing a “Fundraising Calendar Photo Contest”, held in April. As a result of this initiative the 2022 Fundraising Calendar is now available for sale.  Click on the links for more details for both the 2021 Raffle Draw and the 2022 Fundraising Calendar.



Donation revenues, while lower than last year, along with revenues from the Lighthouse Gift Shop, barbecues, 2021 Raffle Draw and 2022 Fundraising Calendar are helping, however it expected that we will find ourselves in a deficit position at year end.   

The Friends of Presqu’ile Park sincerely thank you for your continuing support during these unprecedented times and look forward to the day when we can welcome you back to the events and activities that you have enjoyed and supported in the past.