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Presqu'ile to You












By Janine McClintock, Education and Interpretation Committee

I am excited to introduce to you our newest outreach program:  Presqu’ile to You. This program replaces our summer day camps for children 8 to 14, which we retired after 8 successful years. Together the three components of this new program, EXPLORECONNECT, and VOLUNTEER, will help people of all ages experience the wonders Presqu’ile Provincial Park. EXPLORELet us show Presqu’ile to You! 

Youth and interest groups frequently visit Presqu’ile in the summer and accommodating many visitors at a program or in the visitor centres can be a challenge.  Through the EXPLORE component, we will facilitate an organized program, trail walks or tours of the Nature Centre and the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre for large groups.  Interested parties can sign up for multiple activities through a form on our website.  No fees will be charged for this service, but park admission fees will apply.

CONNECT:  Ask us to bring Presqu’ile to You! 

Community groups looking for a speaker at their event or interactive activities for children at their site can request these services via our website at no cost.

VOLUNTEER:  Let us teach you about Presqu’ile to you can teach others!

Shadowing a naturalist will allow youth to learn about Presqu’ile’s nature and history and learn useful employment skills.  Participants will also be able to share their knowledge with park visitors by volunteering at a visitor centre, assisting with interpretive programs or participating in bio blitzes.  Interested youth, 12 and older can sign up on our website.   

If you know of a group or individual who could benefit from these services, please share this information and our website: The Friends of Presqu'ile Park

Questions can be directed to myself or our summer interpreter Bella at