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The Marsh Experience Returns

On Friday May 1st the Friends of Presqu?ile volunteer builders closed the final gap of the 1 kilometre Marsh Boardwalk Trail.

The building work, which started in March 2008, has proved challenging but rewarding for the group of volunteers involved in the project.  They celebrated the achievement with a BBQ catered by the Park Staff as a thank you.

David Bree, Park NHE Leader, stated "I was out on the boardwalk today and it is magnificent.  The volunteers have done a marvelous job under very difficult working conditions which I am sure would have killed me.  I greatly look forward to having a number of educational programs out there this spring and summer, (as well as some quiet private walks of my own). Just in my quick walk around yesterday I saw my first Green Darner migrants of the season and a number of birds, so lots to see that's for sure"

Don Tyerman, biodiversity specialist, who has been the Park's coordinator for the project, said that he could not thank the volunteers enough for what they had contributed, a feeling echoed by Park Superintendent Tom Mates.

The gathering was treated to the rare sight of a pair of American Bitterns flying over the marsh and circling close to the tower.

Bill Wilson, Site Superintendent for the building work, paid specific thanks to the volunteers' wives and partners for allowing their spouses to have so much play time.

While the outer loop is complete, work on the project resumes in August when the volunteers will build the second tower and finish two small additional section of Boardwalk.

Most important, is the fact that, once again, visitors can come and enjoy the new Marsh Boardwalk.