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Birding Report

 Presqu’ile Bird Report for 13-19 Sept 2019




Let me start by thanking Bill Gilmour who very capably filled in for me over the past two months while I was in James Bay.  This report is very brief and a bit late – my apologies – I will get back into the groove for next week.

There were plenty of expected species seen this week but numbers were generally low and many areas of the Park seemed quite dead at times, no doubt due to the southerly warm weather.

Ducks are starting to reappear, especially around the islands.  The most unexpected was an early LONG-TAILED DUCK on 18 Sep and a BUFFLEHEAD on 16 Sep.  A RED-NECKED GREBE was also seen on 18 Sep.  Shorebird numbers were well down from previous weeks but a good selection could be found either on the beach or on Gull Is.  What was likely the last COMMON NIGHTHAWK of the year was seen by the gate on 19 Sep. An EASTERN KINGBIRD was still present on 19 Sep. A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was seen briefly on the OFO hike on 14 Sep. A Lapland Longspur on Gull Is. on 18 Sep was early. A good selection of expected warblers was seen through the week but numbers were generally low.  Highlights included a BLUE-WINGED WARBLER on 16 Sep and a late YELLOW WARBLER on 17 Sep.  NORTHERN PARULAS were seen throughout the week in good numbers with a high of 12 in one place on 17 Sep.