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New Discoveries: Reflections from my first summer at Presqu'ile Provincial Park New Discoveries: Reflections from my first summer at Presqu’ile Provincial Park It can be said: you get out that what you put in. One need only look at a towering oak and its lattice of roots, pulling up water and nutrients to quench its verdant canopy; or maybe the steady munching of a Monarch caterpillar as it takes in just so much as to grow its wings. As a first-season naturalist at Presqu’ile Provincial Park’s Discovery department, I’ve come to watch and contemplate nature’s processes day in and day out. And yet, as I reflect on my summer at the park, I’ve come to wonder
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What You Can Do to Stop Oak Wilt What You Can Do to Stop Oak Wilt By Paul Hetzler It’s hard to be cheerful in a job where I am expected to keep up on each newly arrived or imminent threat from invasive insects, novel plant diseases, and worrisome trends in the environment. Although I typically deflate everyone’s happy-bubble when I give a talk, I’ve discovered we need not fret that the sky is going to fall. Down in the States, the National Atmospheric Deposition Program is a joint effort of research institutions, government, and nonprofit groups. They monitor stuff which falls to Earth that is not some
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Back When We Were Kids How to Bring Adventure To Your Local Park By Jaime Neefs, Active For Life “Back when we were kids…” Do you ever catch yourself telling stories to children about how play used to be? The freedom and friendships of the outdoors, and playing all day until the lights came on, were staples of childhood. It seems like forever since that kind of free play lived in neighbourhoods, and according to Deb Doncaster, President of Earth Day Canada, “self-directed, outdoor, unstructured, free play for children has been disappearing from childhood for the last several decades.”
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Presqu'ile to You                       By Janine McClintock, Education and Interpretation Committee   I am excited to introduce to you our newest outreach program:  Presqu’ile to You. This program replaces our summer day camps for children 8 to 14, which we retired after 8 successful years. Together the three components of this new program, EXPLORE, CONNECT, and VOLUNTEER, will help people of all ages experience the wonders Presqu’ile Provincial Park. EXPLORE:  Let us show Presqu’ile to You!  Youth and interest groups frequently visit
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The Year of High Water - Again!   The Year of High Water – Again! By David Bree, Ontario Parks In 2017, Lake Ontario’s water level rose to the highest it had ever been in the 100 years of record keeping, topping out at 75.81m above sea level. It was a once in a hundred-year flood. Two years later, Lake Ontario again rose well above normal. In fact, it seems to have topped out at 75.92m, a full 11cm above the old record! There have been some similarities, but also some differences. By May 1st, 2019, the lake was at 75.41cm (40cm above the long-term average) and the Marsh Boardwalk was closed between the
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Life Member Award   Life Member Award Presented to Janine McClintock By Rachel Howard Each year, The Friends of Presqu’ile honor a member with a Life Membership.  For 2019, the award was presented to Janine McClintock. Life memberships are awarded to individuals who have given significant, sustained, high quality service to The Friends of Presqu’ile Park over a period of many years.  They are rewarded for their dedication to the values of The Friends of Presqu’ile Park.   Janine McClintock accepting the 2019 Life Membership Award Janine’s devotion to Presqu’ile Park began
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Honouring Linda Collins Honouring Linda Collins, The 2019 Volunteer of the Year By Rachel Howard Each year our Volunteer of the Year is awarded the John Cole Award. For 2019, the award was presented to Linda Collins.  Linda and her husband Bob, moved to Brighton eight years ago, and as a new resident was searching for a volunteer opportunity. She asked her new neighbors and was introduced to The Friends of Presqu'ile Park. Linda joined the Christmas Committee at The Friends of Presqu'ile Park, and quickly assimilated the project needs for the wonderful Christmas@ Presqu'ile event. Linda
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Nature Nuggests   Nature Nuggets The Surprising White Birds of Spring By David Bree Plenty of birds migrate through Presqu’ile in both spring and fall.  Most are birds we see every year but every year there are some surprises.  This spring the surprises came in the shape of big white birds.  The first were a pair of American White Pelicans on May 12th.  This pair spent some time out on Presqu’ile Bay fishing in various locations.  For the next 3 days up to six pelicans were reported in the waters around Presqu’ile, then they were gone.  The White Pelican is a bird that nests
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The Friends of Presqu'ile Trail Builders 2019 The Friends of Presqu'ile Park Trail Builders Volunteer Activities 2019 By Rachel Howard Work commenced on the lighthouse viewing platform and Jobes’ Woods Trail on March 29th. Again, on April 10th, 25th and May 15th more work was completed. An additional mid-rail was installed on the center lighthouse viewing platform and this will provide more safety for young bird watchers.  The platform has not yet been painted and high water and rain are making it difficult to complete. However, it is still on our project list.  We’ll keep you posted, so watch this space. During
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