Presqu'ile has 2 beach areas:  the Sand Beach and the Rocky Beach.

Sand Beach

Presqu'ile's long, safe, sandy beach is ideal for family swimming. Please remember that there are no lifeguards on duty at the beach so children must be supervised. 

Our sand beach habitat has two sections. The northern section is groomed between June 11 and Labour Day to clear away algae and debris for human visitors to enjoy, while the southern end of the beach is left in a natural state to provide habitat for the many birds that stop to feed and rest at Presqu'ile.


A Mobi-Mat accessibility mat is located at the north end of the Beach 1 parking lot to assist visitors with wheelchairs, wagons and strollers across the sand. There is also an accessible boardwalk to the washrooms in the Beach 1 parking lot.

A Mobi-Chair beach wheelchair is available to borrow from the park's Main Gate and can be delivered to the beach by park staff. Please inquire at the Main Gate as you enter the park.



Are dogs allowed on the sand beach?

Dogs are never allowed on the sand beach at any time of year. Failure to comply may result in a fine. You may take your dog to the Rocky Beach and they may swim there. Presqu'ile does not have an off-leash dog area.


Thousands of colonial waterbirds like gulls and terns nest on the islands just off Presqu'ile's beach.  It is normal for some birds to die and wash up on shore. Fish also die and can wash up on shore. Park staff clean up the beach each morning, removing debris.  

Especially after storms, aquatic plants like algae wash up on the shoreline.  These plants are important parts of the lake ecosystem, providing food, oxygen and habitat for animals.


Some years, endangered Piping Plovers have nested on Presqu'ile's beach.  To protect the chicks, an area around the nest is roped off and grooming machinery is not allowed on the beach.  Please give the birds space to feed and grow by staying out of the roped area, not chasing birds on the beach, and keeping dogs off the beach.


Rocky Beach

The Rocky Beach is located along the southern shore of the park, in the Day Use areas.  The shoreline is covered in rocks and frequently mussel shells, so water shoes are helpful.  A rocky limestone shelf extends out into the lake before the lake bottom becomes sandy. Fossils can be found in the rocks, but remember to only take photos - do not remove natural objects from the park.

Visitors can park along the road in the day use areas.  Picnic tables are available and the picnic shelter is in day use area 1.

Dogs are welcome on the rocky beach and in the water here.