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Memorial Tree Planting Program

The Friends Memorial Tree Planting Program was established to offer the public an opportunity to plant a tree in Presqu'ile Park, in memory of, or to honour someone and at the same time help in the reforestation of the park. The Memorial Trees are grown in the park nursery from seeds collected from trees in the park.

Donors can choose either a deciduous or coniferous tree. Park Staff and Friends Volunteers prepare the planting sites, provide the required planting equipment, and assist donors in the planting of their Memorial Trees. The Memorial Trees are planted on the third weekend in April and the third weekend in October, in locations designated by the park. The trees are dormant at these times, so it is an ideal time to plant them.

The first planting was on Saturday October 17, 2020. Ten donors planted 15 Memorial Trees. The next scheduled planting date, April 17, 2021, had to be cancelled due to COVID regulations. Planting dates in October 2021, will be Saturday the sixteenth and Sunday the seventeenth. This promises to be a very busy weekend, as to date, 17 donors will be planting 27 trees.

If you would like to take part in the Friends Memorial Tree Planting program, go to our website and follow the Memorial Tree Planting donor link.