Presqu'ile Bird Report 19-25 Nov 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Tundra Swan, Surf and Black Scoter, Snowy Owl, Gray Catbird, White-crowned Sparrow   OVERVIEW: We are still suffering from a lack of coverage but it seems that things are pretty quiet out there.  The woods in particular seem very quiet, suggesting a lot of birds have left for the winter.  Shorebirds have thinned out too, but the wintering waterfowl have picked up considerably. For the second week in a row no warblers were reported.   SIGHTINGS:   Tundra Swan: Four were reported on 21 and 24 Nov.   Surf Scoter: Two were seen on 21 Nov.   Black
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Presqu'ile Bird Report 12-18 Nov 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Cattle Egret, Razorbill  OVERVIEW: The big news this week was the discovery of Razorbills - a new Park bird on 13 Nov. Otherwise coverage has been poor for the past few weeks so the report is thin.   SIGHTINGS:  White-winged Scoter: Present through the week with a high count of 37 off the Lighthouse on 16 Nov.  Double-crested Cormorant: A few persist, mostly near the Salt Pt. lighthouse.  Cattle Egret: Although not in the Park, an adult stopped briefly at the Brighton Sewage Lagoon (no access inside but birds are visible from gate area) on 12 Nov.  Turkey
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for 5-11 Nov 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Snowy Owl OVERVIEW: Waterbird numbers continue to increase, especially among diving and sea ducks.  Landbirds - other than the ones staying the winter – have become scarce with no warblers or flycatchers reported for the first time this fall. Coverage has been limited which may be partly responsible for the relative dearth of birds.  Note that as of 15 Nov birders are not permitted on Owen Pt. on hunting days (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat) even when no one is hunting.   SIGHTINGS:   White-winged Scoter: Present through the week with a high of 55 on 11 Nov.  
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Presqu'ile Bird Report 8-21 Oct 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Red-shouldered Hawk, Carolina Wren   OVERVIEW: My apologies for being late with this report.  The past two weeks have seen lots of birds passing through, although there were no massive flight days or unexpected rarities.  Most of the warblers have passed, although a respectable twelve species were still lingering within the period.  Shorebirds have been limited with most birds being reported from Sebastopol Is. (the rock north of Gull Is.).   Waterfowl continue to build in numbers and the winter ducks should be arriving anytime.   SIGHTINGS:   Long-tailed
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Presqu'ile Bird Report 1-7 Oct 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: Black Scoter, Red Knot   OVERVIEW: Waterfowl remain scattered in the marsh and lake but numbers of diving ducks are starting to build up in traditional roost areas like Popham Bay.  The northern ducks like Long-tailed, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead and scoters should be appearing very soon.  Shorebird diversity remains good but numbers are low and most birds seem to be staying on Sebastopol Is. There was an obvious decrease in many species of songbirds this week, especially warblers which, apart from Yellow-rumped Warbler, were in scarce supply.   SIGHTINGS:  
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Presqu’ile Bird Report for 24-30 Sep 2021 HIGHLIGHTS:  Red Knot, Carolina Wren   OVERVIEW: No unexpected rarities were discovered during the period but it was a solid week of migration birding with a good diversity of warblers still about.  A major cold front that pushed in overnight on 27-28 Sep really brought a taste of fall with a general thinning of insect eating birds, a big push of sparrows and a substantial hawk flight that passed mostly north of the Park.  The morning of the 28th also saw a steady steam of songbirds, especially phoebes, yellow-rumped warblers, pipits and juncos streaming off High Bluff Is. and
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