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There are thousands of species of insects that live at Presqu'ile.

We do have information on some as follows as there has only been the most limited study of insects at Presqu'ile and much remains to be discovered.

Butterflies and Moths, and Dragonflies and Damselflies have been studied and a butterfly checklist is available from the Butterfly page and the Dragonfly and Damselfly checklist is available for download below.

Damselflies and Dragonflies

Abundant (A): Found in large numbers during their flight season, often in several habitats.

Common (C): Easily located within the proper habitat during their flight season.

Uncommon (U): During their flight season, may take several searches to find in the proper habitat.

Rare (R): Difficult to locate during their flight season, even in their proper habitat. May only be semi-regular migrants/wanderers and not breed in the park.

Extremely Rare (E): Many years may pass between sightings; usually 5 or less park records. Most represent vagrants and are not expected to breed in the park


Broad-winged Damsels

Ebony Jewelwing- E


Spotted Spreadwing- U   Northern Spreadwing- C   Emerald Spreadwing- C   Sweetflag Spreadwing- C   Elegant Spreadwing- U   Slender Spreadwing- C   Lyre-tipped Spreadwing- C

Pond Damsels

Taiga Bluet- R   Azure Bluet- R   Boreal Bluet- U   Tule Bluet- C   Familiar Bluet- U   Northern Bluet- U   Marsh Bluet- C   Stream Bluet- E   Skimming Bluet- U   Hagen?s Bluet- A   Orange Bluet- C   Vesper Bluet- U   Citrine Forktail- E   Eastern Forktail- A   Sedge Sprite- C



Canada Darner- A   Mottled Darner - E   Lance-tipped Darner- A   Lake Darner- E   Black-tipped Darner- U   Green-striped  Darner- E   Common Green Darner- A   Fawn Darner- E   Swamp Darner- U


Dusky Clubtail- R   Rusty Snaketail- E  


American Emerald - U   Racket-tailed Emerald- C   Spiny Baskettail- U   Common Baskettail- C   Prince Baskettail- C


Calico Pennant- U   Halloween Pennant- U   Common Pondhawk- C   Frosted Whiteface- R   Hudsonian Whiteface- R   Dot-tailed Whiteface- C   Belted Whiteface- R   Chalk-fronted Corporal- U   Pied Skimmer- A   Common Whitetail- C   Twelve-spotted Skimmer- A   Four-spotted Skimmer- U   Painted Skimmer- U   Blue Dasher- C   Wandering Glider- U   Spot-winged Glider- U   Cherry-faced Meadowhawk- C*   White-faced Meadowhawk- A   Band-winged Meadowhawk- C   Autumn Meadowhawk- A   Carolina Saddlebags- R   Black Saddlebags- C

Damselflies: 23

Dragonflies: 38

Total: 61

* Ruby Meadowhawk is nearly identical to Cherry-faced Meadowhawk but is rare in Eastern Ontario. It may occur here but more work is required to confirm their presence.

Note: The submission of sightings is appreciated and encouraged by park staff.  Particularly, if you encounter an unlisted species or one listed as rare or extremely rare, we ask that you document the sighting and submit your record to the Nature Centre or the Main Office.  Digital pictures are appreciated, but may not be diagnostic for some species.

For a full check list click here

Deer Ticks

While not popular another inhabitant is the deer tick and and up to date bulletin can be obtained by clicking here