Monarchs and Migrants Weekend 

Labour Day weekend is our annual Monarchs and Migrants weekend.  Just as May is the big month for north-bound migrants, September is best to see those heading south.  The big bonus however is that insect migrants are more noticeable at this time of year and so we celebrate both birds and insects on this weekend.

Don Davis who has been tagging Monarch Butterflies at Presqu’ile for over 30 years will join us for a monarch tagging demonstration and release.

Bird banders will be here both days from 8:00 am to noon to demonstrate the catching and banding of migrating birds.  Find out how banding is done, learn what this technique can tell us about bird migration, and get a chance to see birds up very close! This event is weather permitting and will not happen in rainy or windy conditions. There will also be walks to look for migrating birds, butterflies, and dragonflies (yes, some dragonflies do migrate).

A schedule of events is posted on social media and around the park the week before this annual special event. Contact Presqu'ile's Chief Park Naturalist at 613 475 4324ext-225 for more information or if you are interested in volunteering.