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Policies and Procedures

The Friends of Presqu’ile Park will work to enhance educational opportunities for park visitors, to provide volunteer assistance for park activities, to provide funding for selected projects, and to promote the objectives of the park and the Friends of Presqu’ile Park in the local area.

Achieving the mission and vision of the Friends of Presqu’ile Park begins with the identification of activities our members wish us to pursue.  Various committees develop and implement programs and activities suitable for our organization.  These become part of our annual plan. The Board of Directors of The Friends of Presqu’ile Park are responsible for ensuring that the Annual Plan and Budget are carried out in a prudent and responsible manner.

The Friends of Presqu’ile Park is a registered charity.  We are subject to various government regulations governing how we must conduct our business.  We must also ensure that we take very good care of our precious resources – people and money, while we are helping to preserve and enhance Presqu’ile Park.

To help us to achieve our mission and to provide continuity, the Board of Directors has approved Policies and Procedures to guide us and our volunteers as we carry out our activities.  Some of the Policies are meant to help with running the organization in a professional manner.  Those policies cover such areas as: Document Retention, Compliance, Record Keeping, Management Reporting, Supplier Selection and Risk Management.  Other Policies are meant to govern the prudent management of our funds.  These include: Annual Budget, Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Donations and Income Tax Receipts and Investments.  We have also developed Policies to guide and protect our people.  These policies cover Volunteers, Seasonal Employees, Safety, Conflict of Interest, Harassment, Privacy and Vulnerable Sector Background Checks.

Each member and volunteer should take personal responsibility to read and then work within the policies and procedures that cover the activities they choose to undertake as part of their contribution to the Friends of Presqu’ile.  If questions about our policies arise, at any time, please contact our Chairperson who will address issues with the Board of Directors.

These policies and procedures help us to achieve our Vision –

Where People and Nature Interact

 Policies in Numeric order, to read full procedure click on the name  

 Policy Number                         Policy Name

       001                                       Annual Budget
       002                                       Compliance
       003                                       Conflict of Interest
       004                                       Harassment
       005                                       Investments
       006                                       Management Reporting
       007                                       Cash Receipts and Disbursements
       008                                       Documentation Retention and Record Keeping
       009                                       Donations and Tax Receipts
       010                                       Privacy
       011                                       Risk Management
       012                                       Venerable Sector Background Checks
       013                                       Safety
       014                                       Seasonal Employees
       015                                       Supplier Selection
       016                                       Volunteers
       017                                       Operating Surplus
       018                                       Data and Computer Security
       019                                       Life Membership Award

Updated Sept 7, 2019