Important Dates in Presqu'ile's past:

  • 1784: Thousands of Loyalists arrived in the Bay of Quinte area
  • 1795: Governor John Graves Simcoe orders a survey of Presqu'ile: "an excellent harbour"
  • 1796: Obadiah and Mary Simpson are the first settlers in this area
  • 1797: "Plan of Newcastle in the Home District" drawn by Alexander Aiken.
  • 1802: An act was passed to build a District Town named Newcastle at Presqu'ile.
  • 1804: On its way to the first trail at the Newcastle courthouse, the Speedy sinks.
  • 1805: Location of the district capital of Newcastle moved to Cobourg from Presqu'ile
  • 1812: Presqu'ile used as shelter along the military supply route in the War of 1812.
  • 1840: Construction of Presqu'ile's lighthouse completed.
  • 1846: Lighthouse keepers residence was built.
  • 1889: Construction of the Murray Canal completed, linking Presqu'ile Bay to the Trent-Severn Waterway.
  • 1894: Presqu'ile's lighthouse covered in planks and shingles to protect the stonework.
  • 1905: The Presqu'ile Summer Hotel opened at Calf Pasture.
  • 1907: A fog station, with a steam-powered foghorn, was built beside the lighthouse.
  • 1920: Most of Presqu'ile, except the lighthouse area, was transferred from federal to provincial jurisdiction.
  • 1922: Presqu'ile Park Act was passed, allowing a private commission to run the park.
  • 1922: Presqu'ile Park Commission purchases four farms, constructs new roads and a golf course in the park.
  • 1935: Lighthouse was electrified
  • 1948: Fog station dismantled.
  • 1952: Lighthouse converted to fully automatic operation.
  • 1954: Provincial Parks Act was introduced, bringing all parks under a single authority.
  • 1956: Presqu'ile's first Park Superintendent was appointed.
  • 1957: Presqu'ile's nature interpretation program began.
  • 1962: Calf Pasture was purchased by the park.
  • 2000: The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre is opened.



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