Lost H.M.S. Speedy

When the Speedy sank in 1804, twenty persons lost their lives. This included the following:


John Anderson (1783 - 1804)
Law Student.

Thomas Cochrane (1777 - 1804)
Judge of the Court of King's Bench in
Upper Canada.

George Cowan (d. 1804)
Interpreter for the Indian Department.

John Fisk (1752 - 1804
High Constable of the Home District.
First known Ontario police officer to be killed
in the line of duty.

Robert Isaac Dey Grey (1772 - 1804)
Solicitor-General for Upper Canada
Prosecutor for the planned trial.

Simon Baker (d. 1804)
Servant (slave) of Robert Isaac Dey Grey.

Jacob Herchmer (1773 - 1804)

Angus MacDonnell (d. 1804)
Representative for Durham, Simcoe and East
York in the House of Assembly.
Defence lawyer for Ogetonicut

Ogetonicut (d. 1804)
From the Chippewa tribe.
Accused of murdering white man, John Sharpe
in revenge for the killing of his brother, Whistling Duck.

James Ruggles (d. 1804)
He was present as Justice of the Peace when Ogetonicut was arrested. He was likely serving
as a witness in the trial.

John Stegman (1754 - 1804)
Land Surveyer.
Witness for the trial.


Lieutenant, Thomas Paxton (1754 - 1804)
Provincial Marine, Lake Ontario.

John Cameron (d. 1804)

Gerrard (d. 1804)

Francis Labard (d. 1804


Speedy Painting cortesy C.H.J. Snider

Courtesy C.H.J. Snider




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