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Latest News!

Below is a list of the latest articles and announcements on our news site.  To view, simply click on the name of the article:

1) New Advance Daily Vehicle Permit Pilot Program by Christine McIvor, Chair

2) Park Naturalist Retires by Bev Cook

3) Tern Exclusion Grids by Jennifer Arnold

4) Memorial Tree Update by Phil McRae, Director of Ecology

5) Park Update by Kristen Osborne

6)  Marsh Boardwalk by Larry Paradis

7) KNN Goes Virtual by Christine McIvor, Chair

8) Self-Use Resources for Park Visitors by Janine McClintock

9) Breeding Bird Atlas by Kathie Baggett

10) Monarch Butterfly Article by Don Davis

11) Save the Date - AGM

12)  Birding Reports

For news articles and announcements published prior to the articles above, simply click on "News Archives".

To return to the Latest News at any time, simply click on "The News Room" here and on the top of every web page,